Friday, December 22, 2006


Formed in late 2005, Eve and the Heathens have since set forth on a quest to bring the lost art of Experimental German Folk back into the Australian musical arena.

The group first met eachother in a small faulty elevator in which they became inprisoned in for several hours when one of the wires broke... Durring they time they spent dangling in the elevator shaft, they realised a shared passion for both not falling to their death in an elevator shaft and german folk music fused with experimental rock.

it wasn't long before the group 'Eve & the Heathens' would begin to wander around aimlessly around the inner suburbs, finding small doorways to nestle in and write music.

Shortly after an unfortunate inncident involving a small child in a blender, the group was signed up to Ukum Bung Records and released their first single 'Apelchortle', shortly followed by their first album '...pies!'.

Both releases have gained critical and commercial success and the group have done a variety of live performances throughout the world.

The group hope to continue to rise above the mainstream and destroy all previous misconceptions about German folk music, in the hope of one day destroying the world from within... or at least perform in Eurovision at least once.

It is imagined that the eventual demise of the band will include at least one of the following reasons: artistic differences, a apfelschorle addiction, a failed solo career, a religious cult, a 'Yoko 0no'-type spouse and a gereral dislike of eachother.