Friday, December 22, 2006

Contact & FAQ

The members of 'Eve and the Heathens' for the time being wish not to be disturbed by anyone ... please make no attempt to contact them until the next full moon.

however, here are answers to several questions we are askes quite frequently...

Where did the name 'Eve and the Heathens' come from?
... from the hearts and minds of children everywhere (and in particuar Canada)

What are some of your influences?
... Tea Parties, mooses of all shapes and sizes, polly pockets, sponge cakes and you know those tiny hinges on the backs of wooden boxes that used to carry nails.

What is your favorite song you've ever/written sung?
... we don't like any of them... in fact each time we write and perform a song a little bit of us dies inside.

What was your best/worst performance?
... we like to think every performance is both our best and worst performance