Friday, December 22, 2006


In late 2005 shortly after their formation Eve and the Heathen's released their first single through Ukum Bung Records, with their standout track 'Apelcortle'

track listing
1. Apelchorltle
2. Apelchortle - kareoke track
3. Apelchortle - extended dance remix - featuring MC SQD

In 2006 they releaced their first album, simply entitled '... Pies!'

album artwork:

track listing:
1. Apelchortle
2. Standing in doorways
3. ... or?
4. Sheena was a man!
5. Ford Sighting
6. The Feast
7. Bark, Bark, Cheep, Cheep, Strudel
8. if there was going to be a track 8, this is where it would be

9. the Big Yellow Joint
10. the dangers of floral arrangements
11. 99 luft balloons (cover of original 80's Nena classic)

12. Isolation (cover of the milky joe and the coconuts dance track)
13. Evil and a heathen (cover of Franz Ferdinand hit)

many of the tracks so far have had great sucess being played on both local and national radio stations, there is hope too that (in particular) the hit 'AppelChortle' will be in the running for this years triple J hottest 100 countdown