Friday, December 22, 2006


Like most musical groups, the list of members is in a constant state of change ... in particular 'Eve and the Heathens' is made up of very fussy, stubborn people of whom secretly hate eachother with a passion

... so check this page regularly to see whom has been kicked out/replaced most recently.

Borrowed from the experimental art and music scene, her unconventional style both challenges and worries the other members... however being the lead vocals and sharing a name with the actual band means she is quite difficult to be rid of unfortunately.
Eve's goals are simple... to destroy people's convential theories and perceptions of music, art and submarines and replace them with a small hampster called Morrice ... she thinks it'll still be a couple more years before this becomes a reality.


Stolen from the folk superband 'Butterfly Song' Cassie has strived to bring a sence of balance, tranquility and all round nice-ity to the group before abandoning such ideals realising that it was quite lame in the first place. Cassie has since become a passionate supprter of the delicate musical stylings of death metal.

It is not clear to the rest of the group as to weather Amy is serous about the music, or is using the band as some form of tax fraud scheme... granted, her unusual interest in exactly which instruments are tax dectuctable and constant requests for reciepts have not helped her case ...
reguardless, she is a rather snazzy person and a key member of the group... (so long as the ATO doesn't look too closely at any of our financial documentation)

Tegan turned down promices of wealth, fame and several large quantities of kittens for the dream of being a part of an experimental german folk rock band ... everyone thinks she made a big mistake ...Her passion for this lost artform and ability to make a ripping mint slice inspires both jealousy and musical brilliance from everyone else.

Sarah has no background in music, nor does she much care for any of it ... the others reckon she is trying to bring down the band from the inside ... they're probably right

After several years in the electro-funk-jazz-trance ensemble 'Pencil' ... she grew tired of the constant requests for her autographs and samples of her hair. She has since returned to a life of simpledom with nothing but a song in her heart and a small dagger in her left pocket for when she takes a disliking to people.