Friday, December 22, 2006


January 2006 - Triple J hottest 100
please remember to vote for our single 'Apfelchortle' for this years hottest 100 ... we really deserve it ... way more than anyone else
(note the correct spelling = 'Apfelschorle')

December 2006 - inspirational chicken
Eve and the heathens recently brought a small chicken to help inspire them to write music ... as a result Sarah has decided to leave the group temporarily as she cares not for small feathered creatures ... interestingly enough, no one has yet to notice her disapearence.

November 2006 - new album in the works?
After a whirlwind tour of the small town of Frierstown Eve and the Heathens is currently taking a well earned break from touring to start writing and recording a new album to be released in 2007...
They have very low expectations of the new one, concidering their first one was quite excellent ... but there is always hope that the demand to use it as some form of beverage coaster will skyrocket when it is released.

(late) February 2006 - moose picnic performance
the group performed at the oh-so-brilliant-in-every-way 4th annual Moose Benefit Picnic (despite issues with several of the local fascists 'fascing' about the local area) ... they have high hopes of being invited back next year, if only because of a lack of imagination by the current organising commitee.

(early-mid) February 2006 - mt Baw Baw mayhem
Performing to massive crowds of 5+ Eve and the Heathens swept everyone away with thier highly anticipated interperative dance to the tune of 'Canned Heat' and then returning to the stage to perform several ballads about the life and death of ned kelly.